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Product Spotlight: Flexible USB LED Light

Summer may have just started, but for those recent high school grads going off to college in the fall, the flexible USB LED light is a MUST.  This lightweight little portable casts a bright light on an overworked keyboard, and can be bent up to give an overall lantern effect.  These are going to be on every college campus and are perfect for a giveaway at any tabling event.  Students are always looking for something to make school life a little bit more convenient and this is the perfect, compact way to spread brand awareness.  Easy to distribute, easy to brand, and extremely eye-catching, these bendy little wonders aren’t just for students.  Anybody with a laptop or a tablet with a USB port will make a grab for these, and what better way to put your brand out there than by coupling it with an actual spotlight?  Putting your company name on this flexible USB LED light is definitely a bright idea.   

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